Greetings from N1KXR!

My name is Richard H. Wheeler - N1KXR, I run a modest radio shack in the Florence section of Northampton, located in Western Massachusetts (FN32PH) [USA]. I'm an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator having been licensed since 1992, my wife's name is Cathy and her Call-sign is KB1REF, she obtained her Technician Class license in 2008. From the first date on our licenses to this, we've enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) the many QSOs and friends we've made in the hobby.

When home, we operate the following radios: an Icom IC-718 for HF, another Icom, this one an IC-706MKIIG for working UHF/VHF/HF/6MTR, a Yaesu, FT-8800R for working VHF/UHF, and an Icom IC-28H with a West Mountain Radio RIGblaster for working packet.

When Rich is vehicle-mobile, he's operating these radios; The Icom, IC-2100H for VHF, an Alinco, DR-435 MKII for UHF, and a Realistic, HTX-10 for 10 meters. When Cathy is vehicle-mobile, she's operating an ICOM-8800 for UHF/VHF.

When we are pedestrian-mobile we both utilize the Yaesu FT-60R for UHF/VHF communications via local repeaters, as well as making good use of simplex frequencies.

Both Rich and Cathy are members in good standing of the the following organizations:
The ARRL [ American Radio Relay League ]; the HCRA [ Hampden County Radio Association ] ; the MTARA [ Mount Tom Amateur Repeater Association ] and Rich is a charter member of the KD1XP Repeater Group.

Some of the things Rich enjoys doing in, and with the Ham community include; Public service events (be it as a net control operator or a field operator), being a Volunteer Examiner (VE) for the ARRL/VEC, Field Day(s), Ham-Fests, SSTV-Net(s), SKYWARN (Spotter I.D. 06-046) and good ole’ rag-chewing.

To promote Amateur Radio, and to share some of his adventures outside of the shack, Rich can be seen is some of the videos he posts on his YouTube site. If you'd care to take a look, please click HERE.

With Solar Cycle 24 underway, Rich's N1KXR/B Ten Meter Beacon project has been in operation sence Saturday, November 22, 2008. To read more about it, please click on this link.


In addition to the activities listed above, Rich owns and/or co-owns several Ham related e-mail and Facebook groups. Please feel free to visit, and to join any, or all of them!

WMAR groups are primarily for Amateur Radio Operators operating in the Western sections of Massachusetts (USA). However all are welcome
- WMAR on Yahoo! Groups
- WMAR on Facebook

NEARCOM groups discuss all modes of Amateur Radio communications in, and across New England [USA]. However all are welcome
- NEARCOM on Yahoo! Groups
- NEARCOM on Facebook

AR-Beacons is a discussion group for owners and/or operators of Ten Meter Amateur Radio Beacon Stations located around the world. Beacon hunters, beacon trackers and those interested in Ten Meter propagation beacons are more than welcome.
- AR-BEACONS on Yahoo! Groups
- AR-BEACONS on Facebook

Mass-VE and ARVE:
The Mass-VE group was formed to link all VEs certified to administer Amateur Radio exams in Massachusetts, as well as keeping VEs informed of events and exam schedules.
- Amateur Radio Volunteer Examiners on Facebook

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Richard - N1KXR

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